11-11 ventures is an innovation driven venture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies with specific focus in Blockchain. 
We are one of the most active VC firm in South East. 
                       State of the Blockchain                                                  Interview in  Token Fest, Boston                                            from our CEO (Arul Murugan)                                         Algorand Blockchain Investment                                                                                        

Hear From CEO's Of Startups In Our Portfolio

Our Criteria For Investments Into Startups

Product Market Fit + Ability To Scale

You should have a minimum sellable product and a few customers.

Strong And Coachable Team

Looking for the best entrepreneurial minds in the world (Hacker hustlers with strong finance acumen).

Based Out Of U.S. East Coast

Strong preference for companies based out of Atlanta / Greater Alpharetta area

Right Time To Invest

Is it the right time for your customers to adopt your technology, business model, and solution?

11-11 Ventures