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Leap Credit


Featured Startup: LeapCredit

JP James


Atlanta, GA

From The CEO:

"11-11’s invested in LeapCredit at the earliest stage, and has been supportive every step of the way since we launched in the summer of 2017.  11-11’s investment in us has been not only financial in nature, but also with valuable business expertise and support.   With revenues and profitability growing steadily every month at LeapCredit, we’re pleased that the investment 11-11 made in us is already considerably above their initial value."

More Info About LeapCredit

LeapCredit offers a quick, easy way for customers to get “instant” cash loans ranging from $500-$1,200 for their financial needs due to an unplanned situation, and pay back the loan over six to eight months.

What Makes Them Unique

LeapCredit gives customers a transparent, automated and safe way to quickly apply, get approved for and obtain the loan in their bank account … all within two to three days.

What’s In The Deal For 11-11 Investors?

11-11 principals knew the CEO/Founder personally and very familiar with his track record of success as an entrepreneur, and hence invested at the earliest stage of development and company launch.  As a result, the valuation of LeapCredit has gone up multiple-fold already and represents the “managed risk” methodology utilized by 11-11 Ventures for its investments.

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