Partnering With The Best Entrepreneurial Minds



We invest in early stage technology startups run by the best entrepreneurial minds in the world.

Why startups partner with us?

  • We are entrepreneurs ready to help and support other entrepreneurs
  • We provide valuable expertise and advice beyond capital
  • Foundry accelerates product development and infuses AI / ML and Blockchain to existing startups
  • We are one of the most active early stage VCs in the Southeast

Our Investment Size and Stages Of Investment

Our initial investment is typically between $250,000 and $1M in Post-Seed (traction) and Series A rounds. We invest up to $2M in follow on investments. For Seed investments, we typically act as lead investors and likely to be the first institutional check the startup is getting. For the traction round, we either take the lead or co-invest along with other VC partners.

Product Market Fit + Ability To Scale

You should have a minimum sellable product and a few customers.

Strong And Coachable Team

Looking for the best entrepreneurial minds in the world (Hacker hustlers with strong finance acumen).

Based Out Of U.S. East Coast

Strong preference for companies based out of Atlanta / Greater Alpharetta area

Right Time To Invest

Is it the right time for your customers to adopt your technology, business model, and solution?

Apply To Be One Of Our Startups

If you meet the above criteria, we would love to partner with you and work along with you to help you grow to the next level.


We are proud of our entrepreneurs who are building great companies!


Steven Kokinos



Boston, MA

Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform. Founded by cryptography pioneer and Turing award winner, Silvio Micali, Algorand solves the “blockchain trilemma” with a platform that delivers decentralization, scalability and security.

Kelly Loeffler



Atlanta, GA

Bakkt is designed to enable consumers and institutions to seamlessly buy, sell, store and spend digital assets. Formed with the purpose of bringing trust, efficiency and commerce to digital assets, Bakkt seeks to develop open technology to connect existing market and merchant infrastructure to the blockchain. Bakkt is a fully owned subsidiary of ICE which owns New York Stock exchange and 20+ other exchanges around the world. It partnered with Starbucks and Microsoft to leverage their strengths in reaching out million of consumers and merchants.

Naveen Jain



Oakland, CA & Johannesburg

Tari is a new blockchain platform that is open source, digital-assets focused that is being architected as a merge-mined sidechain with Monero. The company’s focus is on digital assets such as event tickets, and will also create a marketplace for loyalty points, ingame items, and crypto-native assets because of a huge opportunity to revolutionize the way these assets are owned, managed and transferred.


Carlos Domingo



San Francisco, CA

Securitize is a compliance platform and protocol for issuing and managing digital securities on the blockchain, including dividends, distributions, and share buy-backs. Securitize’s innovative Digital Securities Protocol (DS Protocol) enables seamless, fully compliant trading across multiple markets simultaneously.

Saum Noursalehi



Midvale, UT

tZERO is a fintech company which owns, develops, and operates a suite of fintech solutions for capital markets. tZERO, a subsidiary of, develops blockchain technologies that aim to help make markets more efficient, more transparent, and more liquid.

Dave Hendricks



Austin, TX

Vertalo was founded in 2017 to solve for the critical compliance needs of the digital asset ecosystem. Vertalo’s B2B SaaS solution offering is a subscription-based model which focuses on broker-dealers, custodians, accounting/auditing firms, venture-funded companies and SMBs looking to free up capital, and companies looking to tokenize any part of their business.

Jeff Paul



Austin, TX

CoinText is a service to transact cryptocurrency with any type of mobile phone over text messages without the need for Internet in order to deliver global finance to anyone with a mobile phone. The ability to transact Bitcoin Cash without internet over SMS (Short Message Service) opens global market opportunities for poor and underbanked people around the world.

Tony DiMatteo



San Francisco, CA is a domain leader in bringing officially sanctioned games of chance to users via a mobile platform. Utilizing the experience and technology of the company’s mobile lottery platform, the company is revolutionizing legacy raffles into a blockchain based platform capable of raising billions for charities and humanitarian needs. The company’s vision is to raise billions of dollars to help solve the most pressing humanitarian needs across the globe using global charitable raffles.


Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan


Atlanta, GA

SoftWear Automation is disrupting the $100 billion sewn products industry by creating autonomous sewn goods. SoftWear’s fully automated Sewbots uses machine vision and allow manufacturers to SEWLOCAL™, moving their supply chains closer to the customer while creating higher quality products at a lower cost.

Harish Narasimhan


Princeton, NJ

Adcuratio is a marketing platform company that develops and executes targeted advertising campaigns across linear television and streaming devices. Adcuratio’s flagship platform product is called National Custom Messaging (NCM) which enables advertisers to show different ads to different households simultaneously within the same ad-spot on national broadcast and cable

JP James



Atlanta, GA

Leap Credit is a multi-state licensed installment lender who makes non-collateralized loans of $400 to $1,200 in size, with an average 8month term, to borrowers with FICO scores of 680 and below. The company has automated originations, underwriting and loan management. Through its online platform that leverages machine learning and sophisticated statistical modeling to lower cost and increase efficiency, Leap Credit leverages an internally developed marketing, analytics, and loan management platform to create an online underwriting and origination process that can score and fund loans in fractions of a second.

John Carrington



Columbia, SC

ZVerse is a platform to develop user-friendly applications that automate the production of 3D printable content for businesses through software (LAYR) with the ability to offer professional 3D modeling and high-quality 3D print design services. The company is solving the massive content creation challenge of direct digital manufacturing with the only 3D design on-demand platform.

Eran Shust



Splitty Travel is an online hotel booking platform that lets people take advantage of savings only available by splitting reservations.

Antonio Otalvaro



Miami, FL

Raw Shorts provides a platform that is easy and intuitive that allows businesses to create beautiful videos from professionally designed templates using a simple drag and drop interface.  The platform allows the business user to create high quality product, explainer, demo, and marketing videos without the need for a creative agency.

Micah Sannan

Founder & Co-CEO


Nashville, TN

Soundstripe was founded and launched in 2016 by a trio of experienced music industry professionals. Soundstripe is a leader in providing professionally produced, low-cost and easily licensed music and sound effects for digital creators.

Pat Williams

CEO & Co-founder


Nashville, TN

iScribe is a mobile app that fully integrates with your existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform in order to streamline medical documentation and restore an authentic physician-patient relationship.

Erik Bush


Alpharetta, GA

Demand Driven Technologies is the premier provider of next generation materials, inventory and production control planning and execution applications for the new Demand Driven world. The company was formed with the singular focus of enabling manufacturing and distribution clients to achieve breakthrough performance through the application of Demand Driven tactics and technologies.

Jorge Hernan Rodriguez


Miami, FL

EPICA is an AI company that gives companies unprecedented power by analyzing audience behavior patterns in real time through large-scale big data. EPICA is a unique technological initiative which integrates artificial intelligence into big data and automation to manage personalized messages accurately and effectively for the benefit of its clients.

Mary-Cathryn Kolb


Atlanta, GA

brrr° is an innovator of fabric technology that is “Proven to Keep You Cooler”. The exclusive, patent-pending yarns and specialized manufacturing techniques combine natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying technology to create a Triple Chill Effect™ for an instant and permanent cooling sensation that won’t ever fade or wash out. Brrr° adds its technology to fabrics which are then shipped to customer’s manufacturing facilities to be made into finished goods.

Michael Sengbusch


Atlanta, GA

Eletype is a real-time digital assistant designed for search and social media marketing campaigns. With thousands of marketing tech software solutions on the market, Eletype is an intelligent assistant that connects to these solutions and delivers the right data to teams when they need it.

11-11 Ventures