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Featured Startup: Adcuratio

Harish Narasimhan



Princeton, NJ

From The CEO:

"We could not ask for a more strategic and involved partner than 11-11. 11-11 invested quite early in us, with a perfectly timed follow-on investment. 11-11’s help has been crucial for Adcuratio to build and manage a successful cross-border team. 11-11’s inputs have helped us in shaping our GTM strategy and partnership strategy. We plan to be the highest performing investment in 11-11’s portfolio."

More Info About Adcuratio

Adcuratio helps media agencies build and execute advertiser-specific, personalized messaging campaigns on TV … at the household level.

What Makes Them Unique

Adcuratio’s Marketing-Tech product helps an advertiser maximize value by selecting the best message and frequency per-individual across local and national addressable TV.  Adcuratio’s National TV platform helps advertisers send different messages to different households within a single national TV ad spot, based on market segmentation. The core engine has been designed, built, and tested to run at scale for 110+ million households. This platform is unique in the industry as it is compatible with any operator, DAI (dynamic ad insertion) provider or network. The engine can handle hundreds of millions of ‘swaps’ every day, enabling the success of the precision targeting model.

What’s In The Deal For 11-11 Investors?

The investment in Adcuratio gave 11-11 a footprint in multiple industries: TV networks, Media agencies, major fortune 100 advertisers and cable operators. Over time, Adcuratio has made material progress in developing their product and their team, while continuing to execute their “go to market” plan.  This evolution of “reimagining addressable TV” is yielding significant growth in valuation of Adcuratio and very high carry for 11-11’s investment.

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