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Kavitha Palani

Co-Founder & Partner

Kavitha is a co-founder and partner in 11-11 Ventures LLC. Kavitha takes care of legal, tax compliance, treasury, risk management and overall administration within 11-11 Ventures.

Prior to 11-11 Ventures, she was a co-founder and Managing Director of Enrich LLC (Global leader in Oracle Procurement SaaS). She ran Enrich operations and grew it to a global company across North America, Europe and Asia before her exit in early 2016. Enrich is now a Data Intensity Company owned by a private equity firm.

Kavitha is actively involved in the community, currently serving as Founder and President of Arul & Kavitha Foundation, a non-profit organization providing high quality education and mentoring for under privileged children in India, Africa (Tanzania) and Georgia (USA.)

Kavitha’s key strengths are collaboration, delegation, decisiveness, and intuition. She also handles pressure with ease and is a great multi-tasker.

Kavitha lives in the Johns Creek suburb of Atlanta, GA, with her loving husband, Arul Murugan (Founder of Enrich and 11-11 Ventures) and two wonderful kids. She loves dancing to Bollywood Music, working out, shopping and traveling.

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