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  • 04.10.2019

11-11 Ventures Invested in Five Venture Atlanta Companies — Here’s Why

Less than two decades ago, venture investment outside of Silicon Valley was a stretch. Now, the Southeast is one of the fastest growing regions for startups, and Venture Atlanta is at the heart of this progress.

In March of this year, 11-11 Ventures, an operator of Global Accredited Investor Network (GAIN), completed the investment of $1.22 million into six southeast companies. Partnering with Circadian Group, 11-11 Ventures created a mini-fund by syndicating investments from Atlanta-based accredited angel investors. Now, those investments are going directly to benefit the early stage tech firms in the region. The connecting thread for a majority of the companies receiving funding? Five of the six are former presenters at Venture Atlanta.

“Venture Atlanta is a conference with a history of high-quality early-stage companies, and the 2018 batch of startups were no exception,” says Mike Dowdle, Managing Partner of the 11-11 Venture Atlanta mini-fund and Circadian Group. “Companies presenting at Venture Atlanta over the past five years have collectively raised over $650M of add-on capital and seen 20 investment exits. We enabled two dozen individual investors to get access to six of the best companies in the southeast through our mini-fund.”

The six companies that received funding from 11-11 Ventures include:

  • brrr° (Atlanta, GA), an innovative fabric technology  with natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying technology
  • Demand Driven Technologies (Atlanta, GA), a cloud-based supply chain forecasting solutions that enable companies to increase fill rates while decreasing inventory levels
  • Eletype (Atlanta, GA), an intelligent assistant for digital marketing teams
  • EPICA (Miami, FL), a predictions-as-services company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict sales, customer interests, prices, and more
  • iScribeHealth (Nashville, TN), an innovative transcription service with user interface overlays for EMRs that creates great usability, speed, and simplicity for doctors, and
  • Soundstripe (Nashville, TN), a firm creating and providing top quality music and sound effects to digital creators.

What do all of these companies have in common? They’re some of the brightest talents to come out of not just the Southeast, but the entire nation — something that investors have discovered about the majority of the companies at Venture Atlanta.

As one of the leading technology conferences in the nation — and easily the top technology investment event in the Southeast — Venture Atlanta has long been bringing together entrepreneurs of early stage companies across the Southeast and venture capital firms nationwide, and now it’s bringing them together in investment. Beginning now, the 11-11 mini-fund will spell success for connecting strategic capital to early stage technology startups long after the conference has closed. Currently in its 12th year, Venture Atlanta continues to connect the region’s best and brightest innovators with investors. This year’s conference will take place October 16-17 in the heart of downtown Atlanta at the Southern Exchange at 200 Peachtree.

“Our mission is to help connect companies with capital, says Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan, co-founder and board member of Venture Atlanta and Chairman of SoftWear Automation. “We’re especially proud that there are many investable high-quality tech companies in the Southeast that are raising and finding capital from partners like 11-11 Ventures and Circadian Group who are enabling individual investors within Georgia to invest in these opportunities.”

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