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How To Invest With 11-11 Ventures

11-11 Venture Capital

11-11 Venture Capital brings investment dollars and operational expertise to power its portfolio of innovative startups and entrepreneurial founders who are change leaders in their space.  Through our two investment vehicles, the 11-11 Venture Fund  and the GAIN platform, we invest strategically to ensure these startup companies continue to have the right financial resources that enable them to grow their market influence as they scale up.


11-11 Ventures has 3 dedicated partners and 2 support staffs who personally handle deal sourcing, due-diligence, risk management and post-investment management. 11-11 Ventures bridges the gap between angel investment and traditional venture investment by enabling GAIN members get the opportunity to invest in quality deals along with the 11-11 Ventures Fund.

What Is GAIN?

GAIN (Global Accredited Investor Network) is an investment platform run by 11-11 Ventures whereby GAIN members who are accredited investors are educated about and introduced to innovative, early stage technology companies.  Thereafter, members choose which deals to invest in, alongside 11-11 Ventures whose partners have already invested funds of their own into the deal.  GAIN members build a diverse portfolio of investments over time at lower fees and at a lower entry point than is typical in this class of investments.

Who Is GAIN For?

The GAIN Program is for accredited-investors who wish to get educated and invest at their pace at $15k-25k per deal into firms in order to build a personalized, diversified portfolio.

How Does It Work?

Become a GAIN member, enroll in education sessions and invest into startups that you choose so as to build a personalized portfolio; exits and distributions.

Get Started

  • Apply to be a GAIN member by completing application
  • Get approved
  • Sign up for education and pitch sessions

Invest With Confidence

  • As you become educated about participating in alternative investments, you decide to invest in GAIN startup company A in the amount of $15,000 for example, via a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with other GAIN members.
  • Over the ensuing months/years, you get periodic communications from the company as you watch it grow in the marketplace.  You also add other startups to build a diversified, personalized portfolio.

Profit From Your Investment

  • Company A gets bought by a larger competitor who is seeking to fill in their product line, and also to expand geographically
  • Company A’s valuation at the exit is 3X the valuation at the time of your investment, and pays the SPV from which your gross return in this example amounts to a total of $45,000.
  • Other companies perform at different rates of return, both positive and negative, hence having a diversified, balanced GAIN portfolio is important.

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