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Mani Vannan


Mani Vannan will be playing the role of Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR), he will be primarily focused on working with entrepreneurs with passion and drive to bring disruptive and transformational ideas to fundable business concepts that 11-11Ventures will invest in. He will establish and manage the Enterprise Connect program to help businesses connect with startup ecosystem to accelerate innovation and provide entrepreneurs visibility into complex business problems to solve and validate startup’s solution and business model. He will grow a network of seasoned advisors and mentors to advise startups for proven path to success and provide opportunities for local communities to participate and reap the benefits of thriving startup economy for innovation wealth creation.

Mani is Founder & CEO of AnalyticsWise Inc, focused on delivering Analytics-Insights-As-A-Service leveraging emerging Cloud, Mobile, Analytics and Enterprise Social technologies to improve business outcomes. He is passionate about improving organizational agility, digital transformation and anticipatory organizational capabilities to drive transformational and disruptive innovation. His current focus is next generation Intelligent Apps 2020 powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Conversational Computing and Statistical Predictive Models to make personalized and context aware recommendations to improve decision making with augmented intelligence.
He has over 20 years of experience in the strategic use of information for r operational efficiencies and as a source of competitive differentiation. He played engagement leadership role for IBM, Sequent and Unisys in providing Fortune 500 consulting in the Discovery of Business Value and Feasibility Assessments, Business Intelligence, large-scale software engineering projects and driving user adoptions.

He has been working with Quest Forum senior leadership team collaboratively to transform PDR reporting to more powerful and modern Apps through Mobile & Web to add more value to Quest Forum member organizations and other key stakeholders. In addition to TL9000 Metrics, He looks forward to exploring ways to transform and improve Supplier Performance Score Cards, Lean Six Sigma, Sustainability, Customer Experience Management, Brand Equity, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Equity and Customer Engagement to deliver superior business performance.
Mani has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering (IIT, Madras) and Computer Information Systems (Georgia State University). He just completed a Digital Transformation course from Boston University.

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