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Hitesh Paliwal

Blockchain Developer

Hitesh is a Blockchain Developer at 11-11 Foundry India Pvt. Ltd. He is currently working on a stealth project that involves building enterprise supply chain application using permissioned Blockchain.

Prior to 11-11 Foundry, Hitesh worked at IBM India Pvt Ltd as a Blockchain Developer. He has 2.5 yrs. of experience in Development. He was part of IBM Blockchain Garage(Blockchain innovation center) for last 1 year. He was involved in development of several projects related of Blockchain during his time with IBM.

Hitesh worked on project related to Supply chain for Unilever client. The objective of this project is to read all the supplier invoices of the Unilever client and process into the IBM Hyper edger Blockchain readable format (i.e. JSON), So that all the invoices get processed into the Chain code and status updated accordingly.

Another project he worked related to Trade finance for SMBC bank in Japan. The SMBC project implements the use-case of Blockchain based on the Trade-Finance model wherein an Importer purchases healthcare products from the Exporter with all the participants of the trade registered on a secure private blockchain-enabled network provided on IBM Bluemix.

Hitesh received his Bachelors in Information Technology from Rajasthan Technical  University. India.

Hitesh lives in Bangalore(Karnataka, INDIA). He loves playing cricket and watching comedy movies.

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